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Our customized, AI-powered curated office supply programs put guard rails on spend, saving you both money and time.

Save Money and Time

Reduce management costs and get exclusive prices

Transparency and Reporting

Continuously improve your eco and savings

Go Green

Lower your company's eco footprint

Our commitment to you.

With quick onboarding and reordering, we're your one-stop shop.

Take advantage of more than 80,000 office supply essentials.

Free assessment in minutes

Our promise to the environment.

Our specialists have reviewed, curated and systematically scored more than 80,000 office products from hundreds of manufacturers to help you make informed choices.

Raw Score

Raw Score ratings reveal the eco-friendliness of every product we sell.


More than 7% of products curated meet our top 5-star Raw Score rating.


We are B Corp, 1% for the Planet, Green America, Done Good and Carbon Positive certified.

Less Impact

Our products, raw materials, manufacturing and supply chain deliveries are Certified Carbon Positive. See more

Raw Score Methodology.

All Raw Office products are ranked using stringent criteria so you can make informed decisions with confidence.


Source, certified forest, management and sensitive forest fibers.

Raw Materials

Recovered content, water withdrawal and energy use.


Public reporting, certified labels, life cycle studies.


Air quality, water quality, solid waste and mercury.

Social Impact

Labor and human rights, human health and safety, and North American made.

Raw Score EBook

View more specific details about the Raw Score calculations. Click Here

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