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How to get the best price

Get a free no obligation assessment and we will create a Free customized curated illustration for you showing your financial and eco savings ($2,000 Value). Get started.

Our unique process is a curated customized quotation versus a browse and buy.

For a quick video on how our Free Raw Switch quotation can help you save money and be more eco friendly, click here here.

Free Shipping

How much does shipping cost?

We are pleased to offer free shipping for all orders over $50. There is a flat rate of $15 for all other orders.

When would I expect my order to arrive?

If you order before 3 pm eastern time, we can usually dispatch the next business day. In rare cases, it may take 1-2 business days to process and dispatch your order. We ship Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. All orders to the USA are shipped via USPS, UPS or with a local courier with expected delivery between 1-2 business days. For our Food & Snack, Health & Wellness and Personal care items delivery can take up to 7 days. Note : at this time, we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

We received our order in multiple deliveries spread out over a few days. Is this typical?

Sometimes an order will come in more than one delivery if it is coming from multiple warehouses but that should be the exception not the normal.

Where do you ship from?

We keep inventory in 34 warehouses across the lower 48 USA states ready for next business day dispatch. The closest warehouse to you will deliver your orders by USPS, UPS &/or local courier.



What is your Warranty Policy?

Returns Unopened in re sellable condition - 1 year unused unopened items - Send it back to us & get a Raw Office credit or full refund and we will send you a free postage pre-paid mailing label to get the unwanted product back to us. See more details here:


Returns & Refunds

How do I return my order?

1. You can start here.

2. You can email or call our support team to have them initiate a return request for you! Please make sure to have your order number and client name ready. Contact us.

3. We will then ship you a pre-paid return shipping label for you to return your item with. Once your returned item has reached our supply partner, you will receive your refund or credit.

Do I have to pay return shipping?

No, return shipping is covered on all returns!

When do I get my refund?

Once you have returned your parcel with a free shipping label that we have provided you, your order will be returned to our supply partner and you will be refunded upon receipt of that item. Please allow 1-2 business days from delivery to see your refund.

How are refunds processed?

Refunds must be processed to the original payment method used. Unfortunately we cannot provide any exceptions.


How do I know your products are eco-forward?

Great question! We have rated every item that we sell with our proprietary RAW ECO SCORE so that you will know how eco friendly each item is from zero to 5 stars and as such which items adhere to our highest standards.

What certifications do you have?

We are a Green America Gold, B Corp, Carbon Neutral Check out and 1% for the Planet certified company with more in the works.

Raw Eco Score

What is the Raw Eco Score?

The Raw Score is our proprietary assessment tool that looks at the degree to which products, manufacturers, and consumers are eco forward. Each item that we sell is scored from zero to 5 stars.

Who made the Raw Eco Score?

We created the Raw Eco Score from our own standards and what we thought was important in choosing an eco-forward product. By no means do we claim that this is the 100% perfect way to assess the ecological impact of a product, but we think it's pretty good! If you think that one of our products should not be included on our website, or you think that there is an error in how we calculate the Raw Eco Score, we would love to hear from you.!/b>

How do you calculate Raw Score?

The RAW ECO SCORE takes into account the degree to which products, manufactures, and customers are eco-forward. Eco Forward means that you are balancing social, environmental, and economic factors. Click here to see our Raw Eco Score methodology.

Why do you include Raw Eco Score?

We created the Raw Eco Score to help you pick products that adhere to your standard of eco-forward. This allows you top buy with full transparency and avoid Green-washing.


What is Auto-Ship?

Auto-Ship is a feature that you can use to receive the same order on a regular schedule. For example, you could order paper towel and set Auto-Ship to Delivery Every 30 Days to ensure you never run out!

How do I set up Auto-Ship?

Simply click the Auto-Ship option when adding the item to your cart. Be sure to select the delivery schedule that is appropriate for your order before adding to cart.

How do I cancel Auto-Ship?

If you want to cancel a new auto-ship order, you must, you must contact support@therawoffice.com and request cancellation.

Note: if your order has already begun the shipping process, it may not be cancelled and a free return will have to be processed for any unwanted product.

Which items can I Auto-Ship?

Most items will have an Auto-Ship feature available. Some exceptions include Desks, Filing Cabinets, and other items that likely do not need to be renewed. If for any reason you would like a product to include Auto-Ship, let us know and we'll work with our supply partners to make it happen!

When adding the product to your cart, you can specify the delivery schedule that you want for your Auto-Ship order so that your item ships every 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or 120 days.

Payments & Billing

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept ACH payments and EFT Electronic Funds transfers. We also accept Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Visa, and Paypal. If you have to pay by check we can accommodate yet would much prefer electronic payments.

Can you invoice me?

Yes, as an ongoing corporate client, you will receive an auto generated order confirmation email upon the placing of every order. We will also send you invoices and statements once or twice each month. To become an ongoing client please do our free assessment here!

Do you offer payment terms?

Yes, we can offer net 30 day payment terms on approved credit and we will reduce your discount level by 5% for this financing option.

Having issues with ink and toner?

Having trouble installing or troubleshooting ink and toner cartridges? Download our guide here.


Where can I recycle my old office supplies and cleaning supplies?

All office supplies (such as writing instruments, binders and labels), can be recycled through purchasing a TerraCycle Office Supplies Zero Waste Box. All cleaning supplies and accessories can be recycled through purchasing a TerraCycle Cleaning Supplies and Accessories Zero Waste Box.

Where can I recycle my old ink & toner cartridges and other Electronic E-Waste?

All used ink & toners can be recycled through purchasing a TerraCycle Ink & Toner Zero Waste Box. All Electronic E-Waste can be recycled through purchasing a TerraCycle E-Waste Zero Waste Box.

For a free Do-It Yourself option, please mail your empty Ink & Toner cartridges to :

NeedEmpty USA
Attention : Paul Susset
1320 State Route 9
Champlain NY 12919-5007

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